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Another Reason To Taste Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars
By: Cris Chan

The power of endorphines

We all know that chocolate is sometimes really irresistible. Do you know why? Well, it's because chocolate contains endorphines. So, if you have an obsession: looking for Belgian milk chocolate bars, you're not ill, but simply sensible to endorphines. They raise the tolerance to pain and they' re also involved in:

Menstrual cycle regulation

Other hormones secretion, like GH, ACTH, Prolactin, Cortisol

The sense of wellness arising at the end of a sexual relation

The control of appetite and gastric activity


Sleeping regulation

Release of endorphines in bloodstream happens in some circumstances, like making exercises, during therapies like acupuncture, electrotherapy and massages. According to recent studies, the most interesting aspect of the endorphines is they can regulate mood. During very stressing situations, our organism try to defend releasing endorphines that can help to endure pain better and positively affect the mood. So endorphines can give us pleasure and happiness helping us to endure stress.

This perfectly explains that marvellous sensation of wellness and euphoria that we have after making sports. Stress, anger, anxiety reduction and appetite regulation are further benefits of endorphines, that also have a powerful analgesic effect due to reduced pain perception.

Endorphines allow us to perform at our best when making sports, as they reduce our sensation of effort, give us pain reduction,wellness and put a smile on our face. Endorphines are really our friends!

So, if you want eat every day some Belgian milk chocolate, you can. Just pay attention and don't eat too much of it.

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