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Celebrate the Season With Gourmet Chocolates
By: Jennifer Wasilewski

If your looking for a great gift for someone with a sophisticated palate, gourmet chocolates can be the answer for you. Gourmet chocolates offer excellent solutions for any gift giving occasions. This holiday ditch the mass produced chocolates in the candy aisle at your local grocery and opt for the real stuff to put a smile on the faces of friends and family alike.

    Why go gourmet?

  • Gourmet chocolate delivers a taste not achieved by mass producers of chocolates. Because gourmet chocolate it produced on a smaller scale by professional chocolate makers, often referred to as chocolatiers, the overall quality is far better than those produced in mass quantities by larger companies.
  • In many cases, each piece of gourmet chocolate is hand crafted making them unique and scrumptious pieces of artwork to be appreciated by the eyes and the palate. Since gourmet chocolates are hand crafted they are easily made to reflect different seasons and occasions making them perfect gifts.
  • Gourmet chocolates are considered pieces of art by their makers and thats why professional chocolate makers use only the finest ingredients. Gourmet chocolates, which generally have a higher cocoa content, will offer a richer taste, a strong aroma, and a smoother texture. Ultimately, gourmet chocolates are a sensory celebration.

    Tips for Buying Gourmet Chocolate Online

  • Look for Reputable Online Retailers: There are two places you should consider ordering gourmet chocolates from. The first is directly from the chocolate makers and the second it from well known gourmet retailers. If you are familiar with gourmet chocolates and you know a few well known chocolatiers, then you can visit their website. If your new to the chocolate business, you can find a great selection at online retailers, like that specialize in gourmet goodies.
  • Be Price Savvy: Every one loves a good deal, but dirt cheap "gourmet" chocolates will often taste like dirt. Instead of finding extremely cheap chocolates, look for chocolates that are on sale or on special if price is an issue. Keep in mind that you are paying for high end products that are made by individuals instead of by machines in a factory.
  • Familiarize Your Self with Terms: There is a list of terms that can help make the buying process a little easier. You will want to learn the meaning of words like "ganache," "bonbon," "truffle," as well as the various type of chocolate like milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate and Belgium chocolate to name a few.. Knowing these terms will help to guide your purchase to make sure you are paying for the chocolates you want.
  • Know When to Order: check with the company you are ordering from to find out how long the chocolates will last for and order accordingly. Since many gourmet chocolates are devoid of the preservatives used in mass produced chocolates, they tend to decrease in flavor and quality if ordered to soon. Generally speaking you should order them no more than three weeks prior to the time they will be given.

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