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Chocolate Cravings Are Your Chocolate Cravings Caused By Something Living in Your Gut
By: S Michael Windsor

Why is it that while some people can seem quite indifferent when it comes to chocolate while others just cannot get enough of the age-old treat? Is it because of personality type? Good taste? Or something actually living in your gut? Modern research has shown that the cravings we have may very well be connected to the types of bacteria that are living in our digestive systems. Studies done at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland have shown that individuals who did not crave chocolate a single bit actually appeared to have much different colonies of bacteria in their digestive system than those of the chocolate craving individuals.

The tests done on the 22 individuals also showed that the differences did not simply end there, but also the chocolate lovers? LDL cholesterol levels appeared to be lower than those of the non-chocolate lovers, as well as having higher levels of the amino acid known as glycine. However, the ones who did not crave chocolate also showed higher levels of taurine which is a substance used in energy drinks such as Rockstar. So what does all this mean? This is a hot topic in the science community today as they are just now figuring out why we as individuals crave different things to consume while others simply despise it. Soon researchers will be able to know just what bacteria colonies cause which cravings and we the people will have the freedom of choice?between bacterial craving subcategories? That would be interesting. To be sorted out by ?style? of craving custom made for the individual. They could create whole new diets based on just this concept. As research has, in fact, shown that intestinal bacteria indeed changes when people lose weight.

Also, companies can use this information the other way around where they can actually attempt to change what we crave by what they, or anyone, places into our digestive system. Chew on that for a moment. All we would have to do is take out the ?bad? bacteria and replace it with the ?good? bacteria and then we will crave only fruits, vegetables, while simply dreading those sweet confections that have never let our tempted taste buds down? Very great stuff here. The good thing is just that, however. If we do have problems with losing self-control when it comes to junk foods and those foods high in fats, high fructose corn syrup, and such, we will be able to control those urges biologically rather than ?torturing? ourselves by attempting to pass those items whether it be on a menu or the grocery store shelf.

This research appears to be quite an advance in technology and it seems to me that it may very well play a major role in the future of our daily diets and personalities. But does food really have that much of an impact on our personalities? Will our cravings, if altered, cause us to experience drastic changes in our personalities and daily attitudes, based on our cravings? This seems to be a logical outcome of such an advancement in science and technology. However, if there is one thing to remember it would be to keep it in the back of your head that some of those cravings you have deep down in your gut may be just that. A gut feeling that is not necessarily your own fault, but something that you yourself can control, if you so desire to and really put your mind to it.

S. Michael Windsor is currently publisher and a writer for The Windsor Express Daily, which features daily exclusive articles based on improving the things which matter most in our daily lives. Visit us today at and subscribe for free!

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