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Fudge Is The Original Old Time Family Favorite Sweet Chocolate Treat
By: D Marriot

According to history (although disputable) fudge was accidentally developed by a batch of failed candy; probably caramels, sometime around the year 1886. From this spoiled candy batch came the cooks' exclamation of or the phrase 'oh, fudge!' The initial written confirmation of fudge was in a letter from Poughkeepsie, New York. A student from Vassar College, Emelyn Battersby Hartidge, said that a classmate's cousin made fudge. In Baltimore in 1886, the candy was sold for 40 cents a pound. A few years later Ms. Hartidge got the recipe and made 30 pounds for a Senior Auction at Vassar. Other colleges like Wellesley and Smith later developed their own recipes for this sweet confection.

Compared to other sweets and candies dating back thousands of years, fudge is fairly young. Some of the early flavors of fudge included chocolate, vanilla and brown sugar penuche. Mackinac Island, in Michigan is the fudge capital of the U.S. Now, the fudge flavors or mixtures of ingredients are nearly endless. Some of them are: maple walnut, chocolate cappuccino, raspberry coffee, vanilla cherry chocolate chip, lemon butter, vanilla caramel, dark chocolate, chocolate caramel pecan, peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake.

Everybody likes eating flavorful, rich fudge, but people assume it is hard to make. The original recipes for fudge were difficult and kind of vague. The degree of difficulty had a lot to do with the recipe used, the type of ingredients, the quality of equipment and the patience taken to make it right. Also, being aware of the exact measurements, cooking time and nonstop stirring were pivotal in order to get the perfect fudge.

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