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Gourmet Chocolate What Makes it so Special
By: Amanda Taylor

Gourmet chocolate has become a popular food item for special occasions, gifts, and occasional treats. But what is it that makes gourmet chocolate so special? There are 3 main factors that set it apart from regular chocolate. These factors are production process, ingredients, and packaging.

Many of the gourmet chocolate products are individually made by chocolatiers, the name given to professional chocolate makers, instead of being mass produced by equipment. While individual production takes more time, the quality of the final product is worth it. The high priority given to making each gourmet chocolate product a piece of perfection and the strenuous quality assurance process sets it miles apart from the run of the mill mechanically massed produced chocolate products.

Gourmet chocolate products have superior ingredients compared to regular chocolate. Many gourmet chocolate products have cocoa from only a certain origin or region instead of a mix of different types of cocoa beans. Also, the cocoa content in this luxury form of chocolate is often higher. These two factors along with quality production are what give this type of chocolate the characteristics that everyone loves: a stronger chocolate smell and taste, a smooth appearance, and a soft feel in the mouth with no aftertaste.

The last factor that gives gourmet chocolate its name is the quality of packaging materials used to wrap the chocolate. The higher quality foils and papers used to distribute gourmet chocolate help to keep it fresh and give it a look of elegance at the same time. Many of the packaging options are holiday specific, with different colors and wrappers to choose from for whatever the special occasion may be.

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