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Gourmet Dark Chocolate a Luxury Treat at Its Finest
By: Amanda Taylor

What is the finest type of chocolate? Gourmet dark chocolate, of course.

Dark chocolate has the richest flavor of any other chocolate products. The reason is actually quite simple. As the name implies, "dark" chocolate does have a darker look than regular chocolate. The difference in appearance is due to the higher concentration of cocoa that it contains. The extra amount of cocoa is what gives gourmet dark chocolate its extra rich taste and flavor.

Gourmet dark chocolate has a harder texture compared to regular chocolate, but it is still smooth. A characteristic that gourmet dark chocolate is known for is snapping when you break it instead of bending or crumbling, which often happens with non-gourmet chocolates.

Bars are the most popular gourmet dark chocolate items, but other products are available as well. Gourmet boxed chocolates, truffles, clusters, and hot cocoa mixes are all made in dark chocolate varieties. Many gourmet gift sets include also dark chocolate items.

Gourmet dark chocolate has recently become more popular due to the health benefits that have been found to be associated with it. Medical studies have found that small servings may have beneficial effects on blood pressure and prevention of heart disease. These same effects are not found with milk chocolate or white chocolate, only the dark variety.

So if you are looking for the finest type of chocolate around, look no further than gourmet dark chocolate. For it's rich and smooth flavor and potential health benefits, it is the finest choice in gourmet chocolates.

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