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Holiday Gift Food Baskets What Do Your Clients Really Want
By: Sarah R Parker

The holidays are a time of high stress for almost everyone, your clients included. People are busy trying to do their jobs at work, and thinking about all that needs to be done at home to prepare for the festivities. There's so much shopping to do. Trying to find the right gift for everyone on their list, preparing the perfect meal...all of this adds up to a lot of stress!

Your clients need chocolate.

Chocolate corporate gift baskets are huge this year. They're on the top of many a corporation's gift giving list. And for good reason. Chocolate is healthy. It makes your clients happy and it relieves stress. Gourmet chocolate is even better.

Chocolate is healthy.

Did you know that it is good for a healthy heart? Flavonols in cocoa stop fat-like substances in your blood from oxidizing and clogging up your arteries, and they make your blood less likely to clot. It is also high in magnesium.

Chocolate makes your clients happy.

Did you know that eating cocoa products raises serotonin levels and releases endorphins in the brain? These are our bodies "feel-good" chemicals. Who knows, your clients could be dancing around the office.

Chocolate relieves stress.

Did you know that endorphins naturally flow from physical exercise, like a "runner's high"? For busy people during the holidays that don't have time to workout, chocolate is the answer. Add some luscious premium fruit to a corporate gift basket, and you'll make them even more happy!

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