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How Do You Do Fondue
By: Whitnee Haston

As many of you know, Fondue was very popular in the US back in the '70s and then it just kind of died out. Well have no fear because it is back. Every major city has at least a couple of Fondue restaurants, but why go out for it when it is so easy to do in your own home.

The big thing to do this season was the sweet Fondue--Chocolate!!! When you think of Chocolate you need to think about all the delicious goodies that you like to put with this melted, ooie goodness. Some that I experienced were brownies, cakes (any type will do), bananas, marshmallows, and strawberries of course. Some others that you can try are graham crackers and pretzels (which both elevate the need for fondue forks), and other types of your favorite fruits, just let your creativity take you there.

Don't just melt the chocolate and expect it to be perfect. Do add hot milk or cream to your chocolate to make it smooth (1 part chocolate to, at least, 1/2 part milk or cream). Don't put the Chocolate on direct heat or flame. Do buy a Fondue pot that has a double boiler (this keeps the direct heat off of the chocolate and will help it not to scorch. There is nothing worse than the smell of burnt chocolate filling your party room).

Don't microwave your chocolate, there is a better chance that you will burn the chocolate. Do heat up the chocolate over a double boiler (this will take a few extra minutes, but it is worth it in the end when you have beautiful, flowing chocolate). Do cut up all your items to be dipped ahead of time so that when the chocolate is ready, so are you.

The most important Do is to have fun!!!

I started my culinary career as a child cooking in the kitchen with my dad. He loved food, loved to cook and loved to create, and so the seeds were planted. After college I wasn't sure where to go from there. I tried teaching and didn't like the academics, let me teach the fun stuff. Then I sold my soul and went to work in an office, I quickly learned this was not for me. All the while I knew there was something better for me. Something that would get my creative juices flowing and give me the purpose in life that we all desire.

From there I attended culinary school and proceeded to gain as much knowledge of the culinary industry as I could, still feeling that there was something even better out there for me. This is when it hit me. I had entered the culinary industry for one simple reason - I wanted to create food that would make people happy. After working in several upscale restaurants, I realized that I didn't get the chance to be very creative and, more importantly, I didn't get to see the looks on the customer's faces. Thus I created

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