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Procrastination and Chocolate Cake
By: Corinne Edwards

My sister is on a diet. So, naturally, she does not eat chocolate cake. But when she is invited to a party and there is a cake on the buffet, she looks at it carefully. One thing she hates is to see a crooked cake. That is one where the guest has taken a slice and left it uneven. She doesn't eat cake. She refers to herself as a "cake straightener." It is a service to the hostess to keep things looking neat on the table.

Sometimes, the cake is crooked on both sides. An additional obligation. And she watches carefully during the evening to make sure she does her job of slicing the edges to keep the cake straight. Sometimes, we have to fool ourselves to get a job done. We dutifully have made our list for the day. We do all the easy stuff right away but find ourselves putting off the big project. We are waiting for a big slot of time to get it done. And. let's face it, how often do we have a big slot of time?

The trick is to do the job in tiny segments. Slivers. Start with putting it in order - "straighten it." One little piece at a time. Most jobs do not have to be done in one swoop. Start it while you wait for the dentist. Do a little while you are hanging on the phone for tech support or when a boring friend is going on and on and you feel obligated to listen. Do the easy parts of the big project and surprise! All of a sudden it comes together and it no longer requires a "big slot of time" to complete.

Of course, once you learn how to do this, you will no longer have an excuse to straighten the cake. You might have to stick to your diet and keep things organized.

A published writer, but only three months old as a blogger. Loving it! When I tell you I did not know the difference between a webpage and a blog only a few months ago, I would not be lying! Now I do and as they say in Brooklyn, where I originated, "Who knew?"

I picked personal growth as my topic because I not only have been a self help junkie for years but I had a TV show on national cable for eleven years and interviewed over 400 authors in that time. Including all the most famous ones you see on Oprah! Since book sales on numbering in the billions in the personal growth field, I thought there would be great interest in this niche. Also, because I am a lady of a "certain age," I have been around the block a few times, made many mistakes and have achieved some success. I am hoping to share my good wisdom with my readers.

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